Sunday, March 15, 2009

Coral Rocks

Coral rocks, or coral stone, are fossilized limestone. These naturally occurring substances are sedimentary rocks that are made mostly of calcium carbonate. Coral rock is porous and contains many fossils from coral, snails, gastropods, and other marine and plant life.

Found naturally in Florida, coral rocks are often chosen in order to express a tropical elegance and style. Coral rocks can be used outdoors in warm climates for walkways, boulders, steps, pillars and other artistic landscaping projects. An outdoor fireplace covered in coral stone makes a great addition to a patio. Used indoors in both warm and cooler climates, this stone can be found in cut sizes that are perfect for covering walls and floors. Many homeowners use coral rock tiles to cover bathrooms and kitchens.

Coral rocks may not be as commonly used as other natural stones for indoor areas, but they have a sophistication that many individuals are looking for. A great designer will know what stones look good together and can come up with a great fireplace, walkway, or wall that is a great display of different types of rocks. Coral rocks can be placed along with travertine, marble, and many other types of stone to create a more detailed and interesting structure or flooring.

Coral stone is resilient and natural, and is gaining in popularity because of its timeless beauty. A skilled designer can plan a space that is rich with texture and color by using coral rocks.

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